Clinical & medical photography

Dr. Crossley is keen on photography and has an archive of clinical photographs which he makes available to colleagues for educational purposes.

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Example photographs

Dental abnormalities in a chinchilla mandible and skull

[ Chinchilla ]

Dental disease is very common in chinchillas and various other species that have continuously growing teeth.

Interdental Bonding

[ Bonded teeth ]

The canine teeth have been bonded together to prevent the cat's mouth closing following surgery for
temporomandibular joint ankylosis and jaw muscle contracture.

Jaw tumour

tmr1-1.jpg - 101Kb

A premaxillary/maxillary tumour causing devitalisation of the third incisor tooth in a dog.


[ Fox skull ]

The skulls of a fox (above) and a rabbit (below).

[ Rabbit skull ]

Monochrome histopathology photomicrograph

[ Histology ]

Progressive structural folding and pseudo-odontoma in a prairie dog maxillary incisor tooth.


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